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Natural Ways to Help With Seasonal Allergies

Millions of us suffer endlessly from the effects of Seasonal Allergies. It’s not only in the summer when all the trees & flowers are blooming. Many of us have problems with leaves in the fall..or just dust..which has no favorite season. Symptoms can be mild and basically only a running nose. Some people however, experience much more intense symtoms, such as itching, hives, headaches & possibly shortness of breath. Of course there are at least 100 different  “Pills” out there to eliminate all those symtoms..or make them more bearable. Some of them do pretty well with their claims. My major problem with “Pills” is that many of those have side effects that are worse than the original problems. You can have everything from dry mouth, drowsiness, and now we are hearing that some of these even cause osteoporois (which means they are sucking the Calcium out of your bones).

     Personally I try to maintain my health in the most Natural way possible. I don’t take any medications on a regular basis. Occasionally I will take an Advil for a headache or major muscle problem. THis works for me, and I will admit that I’ve been blessed with very good health overall. Some of you are not as fortunate & suffer from many issues that cause you problems. I am sorry for that, but I encourage you to try to remedy those issues by a Natural means first. Following are some possible remedies:

       1) Try using 1/8 of a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. I know it tastes pretty bad but it does work for some people.

        2) Take a Tbl. of  Locally grown Honey twice a day.  It’s important that it’s locally grown as that’s the pollen the bees use & probably one thing you are allergic to. Some people say to mix a Tbl. with 1/2 a cup of warm water twice  a day for Migraine Headaches.

         3) Try to cut back on Caffeine & increase your intake of Fruits & Vegetables.

   These 3 suggestions may not work for everyone but they do help a lot of people. I’ve used Honey successfully for several years. I hope they work for you.


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