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Acid Reflux in Children

 When we think of Acid Reflux we don’t usually think of children.Funny thing is most all kids have it when they are born. Babies  “spit up” all the time. That is a form of reflux.  Thankfully, when they are a little older that tends to go away, but not for every child.  

There are many different symptoms of GERD. Your child may only have a few of these symptoms. The most common symptoms include:

  •              pain, irritability, constant or sudden crying, “colic”
    • frequent spitting-up or vomiting
    • vomiting or spitting-up more than one hour after eating
    • not outgrowing the spitting-up stage
    • refusing food or accepting only a few bites besides being hungry
    • poor sleep habits, frequent waking
    • “wet burp” or “wet hiccup” sounds
    • bad breath

The less common symptoms of pediatric GER include:

    • constant eating and drinking (to soothe a sore throat)
    • intolerance of certain foods
    • poor weight gain; weight loss
    • swallowing problems, gagging, choking
    • hoarse voice
    • frequent red, sore throat
    • respiratory problems; pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, nighttime cough, apnea, aspiration, noisy or labored breathing
    • ear infections
    • constantly running nose; sinus infections
    • tooth enamel erosion
    • excessive salvation, drooling
    • peculiar neck arching, Sandifer’s Syndrome

If you think your child may have GER, please contact your child’s doctor. It is also very important to let your doctor know if your child develops new symptoms or if the symptoms change.

There are many medications on the market to ease symptoms of GERD, however most of these are made for adults. You should always discuss any medication with your physician before administering to a child. There are also several different Natural remedies that are suitable for children. Apple cider vinegar (usually diluted some),  or eating an apple ..is one choice. Some say  a glass of milk will help to soothe the esophagus. I personally tried Natural Aloe for my son who is 20 and had good success. His daughter also has reflux issues & is now taking Aloe Cure as well. She does not care for the taste of it..(she’s 5) but when mixed with grape juice she did not even notice that.  I would recommend that for anyone with reflux issues, however..I do still suggest speaking with your physician before trying any new medications or treatments.


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Aloe Cure For Reflux

Most of the ads we see on TV are for some type of pharmaceutical..Pill. We have grown so accustomed to just reaching for a pill. Easy fix right? Not hardly. Read the fine print. Many of these “pills” have a long list of side effects, and many of those are worse than the original problem. Seriously, these can & do happen to you. On of the more serious side effects of  acid reflux medicine is that it has been shown to reduce calcium in the bones. What does that mean?  It means it can help contribute to Osteoporosis. And that means it can greatly influence your chance of breaking a bone. That’s huge, especially in older folks.

     I saw an ad recently for Aloe Cure. It’s 100% Natural and it can help eliminate Acid Reflux. The box says,” It soothes the Digestive System. It acts as a natural acid buffer. It aids in balancing stomach acidity  and promotes Healthy Digestion.  Sounds like a tall order, but I took the challenge along with my son to see if it could live up to those statements.

      First off I will have to say that this stuff does not taste good. I mixed it with grape juice on the 3rd day and found it to be much better. By the 4th day I’ll have to say I was feeling great. My reflux issue is probably in the mild category, or it was before the Aloe.  My son has a more serious problem & he has taken longer to notice extended relief.  He also chews tobacco & sometimes drinks alcohol, so he takes two steps forward and one step back. It’s hard to convince young men to do anything, but he does say that it has helped alot.

       Since I prefer to treat things Naturally first, I will have to say that the Aloe Cure has been a very benefical way to treat my acid reflux. I’ve given some to a couple of my friends and am waiting to see what they think. If you have problems with Acid Reflux you might want to do some research on this product & see for yourself.

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