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Natural Ways to Help With Seasonal Allergies

Millions of us suffer endlessly from the effects of Seasonal Allergies. It’s not only in the summer when all the trees & flowers are blooming. Many of us have problems with leaves in the fall..or just dust..which has no favorite season. Symptoms can be mild and basically only a running nose. Some people however, experience much more intense symtoms, such as itching, hives, headaches & possibly shortness of breath. Of course there are at least 100 different  “Pills” out there to eliminate all those symtoms..or make them more bearable. Some of them do pretty well with their claims. My major problem with “Pills” is that many of those have side effects that are worse than the original problems. You can have everything from dry mouth, drowsiness, and now we are hearing that some of these even cause osteoporois (which means they are sucking the Calcium out of your bones).

     Personally I try to maintain my health in the most Natural way possible. I don’t take any medications on a regular basis. Occasionally I will take an Advil for a headache or major muscle problem. THis works for me, and I will admit that I’ve been blessed with very good health overall. Some of you are not as fortunate & suffer from many issues that cause you problems. I am sorry for that, but I encourage you to try to remedy those issues by a Natural means first. Following are some possible remedies:

       1) Try using 1/8 of a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. I know it tastes pretty bad but it does work for some people.

        2) Take a Tbl. of  Locally grown Honey twice a day.  It’s important that it’s locally grown as that’s the pollen the bees use & probably one thing you are allergic to. Some people say to mix a Tbl. with 1/2 a cup of warm water twice  a day for Migraine Headaches.

         3) Try to cut back on Caffeine & increase your intake of Fruits & Vegetables.

   These 3 suggestions may not work for everyone but they do help a lot of people. I’ve used Honey successfully for several years. I hope they work for you.


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Natural Cure for a other nice benefits

You can try coconut water for the ultimate hang over cure. Fat free, cholesterol free, and with only 45-60 calories in an 11 oz. serving, coconut water with it’s long  list of bodily benefits, is changing the way people view the term “sports drink.”


Coconut water is water that comes from a green, young coconut (not the aged, brown, fuzzy kind you find in the grocery store). And it’s fat free, unlike it’s aged sisters, whose water has hardened to a sweet meat that is high in fat. 

Did you know that as little as 11 fluid ounces of coconut water contains more potassium than a banana? And the same size serving of coconut water contains more than 15 times the potassium found in the average sports drink!

Ten reasons why coconut water is worth adding to your diet:

1. It contains the five essential electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and calcium.

2. It replenishes the body’s fluids after a workout

3. It provides immune support and detoxification

4. It cleanses the kidneys and eases stomach aches.

5. It regulates function of the intestine

6. It improves muscle performance and allows for quicker muscle recovery after a workout

7. It promotes smoother skin and healthier hair and nails

8. It boosts circulation by carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells.

9. It promotes heart health, weight loss and mental acuity.

10. It reinforces proper alkaline balance


What’s out there and where to buy it.

With it’s increasing popularity, you’ve probably seen people enjoying the beverage at the office, on the train, or at your yoga studio.

Here’s where to get it:

Many health food stores have juice bars where the juicer will crack open a fresh young coconut for you right before your eyes. Just grab a straw and you’re ready to go! Neighborhood natural markets and Whole Foods also stock the two major prepackaged brands, Zico and Vita Coco (which are slightly more convenient and taste just as fresh). If you live in a large city, it’s likely that your corner deli or grocery carries the tasty, good-for-you treat as well. Many ethnic markets also carry young coconuts that you can bring home and pop open with a hatchet.


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Acid Reflux in Children

 When we think of Acid Reflux we don’t usually think of children.Funny thing is most all kids have it when they are born. Babies  “spit up” all the time. That is a form of reflux.  Thankfully, when they are a little older that tends to go away, but not for every child.  

There are many different symptoms of GERD. Your child may only have a few of these symptoms. The most common symptoms include:

  •              pain, irritability, constant or sudden crying, “colic”
    • frequent spitting-up or vomiting
    • vomiting or spitting-up more than one hour after eating
    • not outgrowing the spitting-up stage
    • refusing food or accepting only a few bites besides being hungry
    • poor sleep habits, frequent waking
    • “wet burp” or “wet hiccup” sounds
    • bad breath

The less common symptoms of pediatric GER include:

    • constant eating and drinking (to soothe a sore throat)
    • intolerance of certain foods
    • poor weight gain; weight loss
    • swallowing problems, gagging, choking
    • hoarse voice
    • frequent red, sore throat
    • respiratory problems; pneumonia, bronchitis, wheezing, asthma, nighttime cough, apnea, aspiration, noisy or labored breathing
    • ear infections
    • constantly running nose; sinus infections
    • tooth enamel erosion
    • excessive salvation, drooling
    • peculiar neck arching, Sandifer’s Syndrome

If you think your child may have GER, please contact your child’s doctor. It is also very important to let your doctor know if your child develops new symptoms or if the symptoms change.

There are many medications on the market to ease symptoms of GERD, however most of these are made for adults. You should always discuss any medication with your physician before administering to a child. There are also several different Natural remedies that are suitable for children. Apple cider vinegar (usually diluted some),  or eating an apple one choice. Some say  a glass of milk will help to soothe the esophagus. I personally tried Natural Aloe for my son who is 20 and had good success. His daughter also has reflux issues & is now taking Aloe Cure as well. She does not care for the taste of it..(she’s 5) but when mixed with grape juice she did not even notice that.  I would recommend that for anyone with reflux issues, however..I do still suggest speaking with your physician before trying any new medications or treatments.

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Natural Ways to Eliminate Liver Spots

a.k.a. age spots and brown spots


Liver spots are the yellowish-brown flat spots that look like large freckles and are thought to be caused by aging, too much sun, impaired liver function, and a dietary or nutritional deficiency. (NB: if you have irregular, dark spots that increase in size or change color or texture, have them checked immediately by a doctor. They could be a serious form of skin cancer). As we age our metabolism changes and the liver may become so overwhelmed with toxins that it cannot rid the body of them. Oxidation within the body and the lack of antioxidants also plays an important role in this process. Age spots are one of the results. They take years to form and eliminating them will take time, too, so don’t give up. Try a remedy for a few months, and if the condition hasn’t improved, try another one. As a preventative measure, always use a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 after using one of the remedies, and thereafter.

Wellness Program

In addition to using the remedies mentioned below, some lifestyle and dietary changes will be beneficial in developing a general wellness program and may speed the elimination of these liver spots.

  • Begin an exercise program
  • Make some dietary changes mentioned below
  • Avoid exposure to the sun without proper sun protection
  • Cleanse your liver
  • Take supplements that will help slow the aging process and aid in tissue repair

Dietary Changes

Dietary changes are necessary to get some of the metabolic wastes out of your system and cleanse your tissues. Some of these factors cause damage to your skin.

  • Begin a detoxification program to clean your tissues and organs.
  • Improve your diet to include fruits and vegetables, especially in raw form. Drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water daily.
  • Avoid sweets, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and junk foods. This is a main foundation of our over-all Wellness Program.
  • Avoid rancid oils. Refrigerate all oils after opening; store nuts and seeds in the freezer or refrigerator; store grains in a cool place; avoid all fried foods as the hot cooking oils contain substances that damage the skin.


Beta-carotene Take beta-carotene, an antioxidant that slows the aging process.

Bioflavonoids Working with vitamin C, bioflavonoids assist in tissue repair.

Potassium A deficiency in potassium may be one of the causes of liver spots. Eat potassium-rich foods or take a supplement.

Selenium You may have a selenium deficiency. If your daily vitamins don’t have selenium, take a selenium supplement for a few months. In many areas of the country the selenium content of the soils has been depleted so that we don’t get enough in our regular diet.

Vitamin C An antioxidant, vitamin C helps tissue repair.

Vitamin E Take 1 vitamin E capsule (400 I.U.) daily; at night puncture another capsule and rub the oil on the spots and leave it on overnight. You may use castor oil at night instead. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that slows aging and aids in tissue repair.

Zinc Another mineral supplement to take is zinc. Take 15 mg a day for one to two months. Don’t take more than 15 mg without a doctor’s supervision, as it may hinder the body’s absorption of other minerals, especially copper.



Aloe Rubbing fresh aloe vera juice or gel on the spots will help fade them. Use the gel twice a day for a month or two. Juice from the aloe plant is excellent for healing burns and is also beneficial as a general healing agent.

Apple cider vinegar Combine two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with one teaspoon of orange juice and apply to the spots, preferably on a cloth or cotton pad that is secured to the area.

Bilberry This herb slows some of the aging processes and acts as an antioxidant. Take 4-8 oz. of fresh berries, 80-160 mg of bilberry extract (25% anthocyanidin), or 20-40 mg anthocyanosides daily.

Buttermilk Dab buttermilk on the spots. The lactic acid and other ingredients in the milk are beneficial to the skin. Buttermilk has been used for generations as a skin cleanser and as a beauty aid.

Castor oil Apply castor oil on the spots in the morning and in the evening, and rub well into the skin. The spots should disappear within a month.

Chick peas Take fresh or canned chick peas (garbanzo beans), mash about 1/3 cupful and add a little water. Smear this paste on the spots and leave it there until it dries. Then wash off completely. Do this every evening.

Dandelion Break open a dandelion stem and rub the sap on the spots 2-3x per day. Good for warts, too. Will Greer (Grandpa Walton) used this method successfully.

Gotu kola Try using the ancient Chinese herb gotu kola. Mix 1/8 teaspoon of powdered herb into a cup of herbal tea or add it to plain hot water along with 1/8 teaspoon of ginseng and a pinch of cayenne. This remedy should clear the spots in a few days.

Horseradish Mix one teaspoon grated horseradish root, 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, 1/2 teaspoon vinegar, and 3 drops rosemary essential oil. Dab onto your age spots with a cotton ball once or twice a day (less if you have sensitive skin); it will exfoliate the top layer of skin and your spot should lighten. Jeanette Jacknin, M.D. in Smart Medicine for Your Skin.

Lemon juice Dab some fresh lemon juice on the spots twice daily. If you are going outdoors, wait for the juice to dry as it increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. It may take a few months, but the acidity in the juice will cause the spots to fade away.

Onion Grate an onion and squeeze it through cheesecloth so that you have 1 teaspoonful of juice. Mix with 2 teaspoonsful of vinegar and rub into the spots. Do this two times a day until the spots disappear.

  • Cut a fresh onion, dip it in apple cider vinegar and rub across the spots. This will fade the spots in a few weeks.

Walnuts, black Take some green (not fully ripe) black walnuts and make a few incisions in the outer shell; rub the juice on the spots. There may be a slight stinging sensation or the area may turn brown, but this is only temporary. Very effective.

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Vitamin D3 and Curcumin Offer Hope to Patients With Alzheimers

Vitamin D3 and Curcumin Offer Hope to Alzheimer\’s Patients.

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More Natural Healing For Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux is also called esophagitis. The acid in the stomach may back up at the esophagus in severely and frequently is known as acid reflux. The symptoms are usually seen in heartburn and feeling of sensation to have acid reflux. People use a lot of prescribed medications for easing this problem. But herbal treatment is recommended without side effects.

Herbal Tea: This is one of the best known herbal remedies to ease acid flux ailment. It can decrease the affect of acid in the stomach. Peppermint, aniseed and lavender is used in tea to get relief. Mix three herbs to boil in two and a half cup of water and add a bit of honey to drink in the morning and at night to have relief.

Cinnamon: This is an antiseptic and a trusted antacid for acid reflux, cold and flu. Make a bread toast spread some butter and cinnamon with cardamom on it. Chew this bread completely before swallowing it to get full result.

Chicory Root Tea: This is very bitter herb for acid flux treatment, which contains endive and escarole. Make a tea of it by boiling one and half cup of this herb to drink as a tea, to mitigate and get relief from acid reflux and heartburn.

Grapefruit: The skin of organic grapefruit is better known herbal remedies for acid reflux. Even dry outer skin of grapefruit is taken to get cured from this disease. This dried skin can be chewed any time a person feels like having acid reflux inflammation or heartburn.

Pineapples: This herb is really very effective remedy for acid reflux. It is very rich in enzymes which can improve the digestion, mitigate inflammation and healing process may be speeded up. Fresh pineapples and its juice is rich in enzymes. Don’t drink bottled or canned fruit juices to avoid making condition worse.

Tips to Cure Acid Reflux Naturally

  • A glass of cold whole milk gets relief from acid reflux and heartburn.
  • A glass of water can be taken some time after the meal to ease the acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Almonds can be chewed in the morning or after the meals to have miracle treatment from this ailment.
  • Tea is prepared from chamomile or fennel can provide relief from this. The tea may be sipped and avoid to gulp it and of moderate temperature.
  • Eating an apple after meal can alleviate from this ailment.
  • Candied ginger can be used in tea to prevent this problem from recurring.
  • Two to three TSP of apple cider vinegar is effective in preventing this ailment.
  • Papaya enzymes are available in pills can reduce the chances of this problem.
  • Aloe juice is also very effective to prevent it.
  • It is better to chew sugarless gum after meals

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Colon Cleansing – Adopting natural ways to detoxify

Colon Cleansing – Adopting natural ways to detoxify.

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