New Beginnings

  This is something new for me. I am hoping to create a blog to inform , to encourage & hopefully to  motivate people to move toward a healthier lifestyle. My work as a medical professional has placed me on the front lines of the battle against diseases. Most often we are to blame for the problems we encounter.  We eat foods that we know are not healthy and we often eat them in excess. Smoking is a big problem & it’s proven to cause terrible diseases..even death. Yet many of us continue that habit.  Exercise  has been proven to help fight heart disease, high blood pressure,  weight gain..& that list goes on. Despite those facts alot of us…most of us..still do not adopt any type of exercise plan.  We are Americans. We have it easy.  Yet our death rate is very high..for such an industrialized nation.  We want the easy road. Let’s see if there is a pill for heart disease. And one for high blood pressure. Let’s not forget weight loss. These pills have a long list of side effects that are sometimes worse than the original problems.

        The answer..the best answers I’ve found are the ones our bodies are giving us every day.  In almost every instance the Natural way is the best way.  I plan to use this blog to share as much information as I can about moving toward a Healthier Lifestyle.


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